Monthly Archive: December, 2011

Bettakultcha at the Corn Exchange

“Come spend an evening watching PowerPoint presentations. No, really” – in images what the Leeds phenomenon is all about!

Crossing Poland | July 2011

This publication takes you on a journey – in a carriage, on a train – similar to journeys people take every day all over the world. But this particular journey is taken as… Continue reading

The tent that Jon made

This storybook dares you into a world far from nice, a place where creatures are unfriendly, unhelpful, unkind. What you will see is not easy on the soul it’ll pray on your mind… Continue reading

one per cent of one year

Back in 2006 I selected photography as a hobby. This book highlights some of the images shot in this first year.

A year of zines

[better_gallery template=horizontal  resize=true ][/better_gallery] Throughout 2011 I created a series of small catalogues or zines relating to visits to specific places – these places have been both close and distant from my home… Continue reading