Upwardly Immobile

Look up.

We’re often told to change our viewpoint; this series of images captures the view of the city as the visitor cranes their neck upwards. A look around at what is above, the higher echelons. Is it attainable or is it simply a gained height?

In itself a study or the architecture of a city – showing buildings from the emergence during Victorian times to it’s post-80’s renaissance as a new home to finance and retail.

This photobook is delivered within robust frosted packaging which at one teases and maintains the way those above ground floors also tease the passer-by

Pages: 8 | Size: 12cm x 12cm (cd booklet) | full colour | View a digital preview | £2.95(+P&P)  – signed and numbered edition of 50.

This booklet is a great companion to ‘Down at Heel‘ – buy both for £4.95 (+P&P)

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