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H.M. Coroners Post

To the side of the ‘city park’ – Bradford’s redemption – is the pre-existing courts complex and police station. The latter emptied to make way for redevelopment and improve the lots of the… Continue reading

A year of zines

[better_gallery template=horizontal  resize=true ][/better_gallery] Throughout 2011 I created a series of small catalogues or zines relating to visits to specific places – these places have been both close and distant from my home… Continue reading

Kirkstall Festival

For the 30th Anniversary of Kirkstall Festival (Leeds, UK) photographers were invited to come along and capture as many images as possible – these were later combined into an exhibition and book project… Continue reading


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The commute

The road-trip is a classic subject for documentary photography; in this project we take the mundane journey – the daily commute and use this as the basis for this series of images.