H.M. Coroners Post

To the side of the ‘city park’ – Bradford’s redemption – is the pre-existing courts complex and police station. The latter emptied to make way for redevelopment and improve the lots of the copper, the latter showing it’s age. This zine looks at the interaction between the buildings, the controlled natural elements and some ofContinue reading “H.M. Coroners Post”

A long distance Louisville love affair

The following article was written, but submitted late for inclusion in the final edition of ‘The Paper’. I thought it was worth publishing here instead… There was a time, not so long ago, when I had no knowledge of ‘Louisville’ – sure I’d heard of the Kentucky Derby, KFC is a household name across theContinue reading “A long distance Louisville love affair”

Back from my third trip to the 3 Harbours

I’ve been a busy old bee lately (so busy this post is being written long after it was due and back dated – sorry if this confuses!) But I thought it would be good to flag up my recent visit to East Lothian, Scotland to again take part in the 3 Harbours Arts Festival. AsContinue reading “Back from my third trip to the 3 Harbours”