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Crossing Poland review

Being new to zine-making I’m learning the fine art of zine-marketing; and I’m starting to get a list of places to send my photo booklets to. One of these was the Tumblr blog,… Continue reading

Upwardly Immobile

Look up. We’re often told to change our viewpoint; this series of images captures the view of the city as the visitor cranes their neck upwards. A look around at what is above,… Continue reading


A non-photography publication! What’s going on? It’s the Loosely Bound first edition, remixed…

On the reading table…

Crossing Poland joins the reading table at a Magnum photographer’s UK premier.


Is lovely – so long as it’s constructive; but it’s even more lovely when someone really gets your work. I recently sent a copy of Crossing Poland to Christophe in France and I… Continue reading

Lublin, Poland

Just to let you all know that a gallery of my images, shot in the city of Lublin are now posted on the Exposure Leeds website; please don’t hesitate to pop over there;… Continue reading

And now, ‘Home from Home’ – the ’zine

Hot on the heels of finishing exhibiting in the Home from Home exhibition – I’m exhilarated to say… not only have the organisers approved my designs for the Home from Home ‘zine – a photographic… Continue reading

A night of tent-based mayhem…

Thursday just gone saw me frantically driving from Harrogate to Leeds to get to 153 Woodhouse Lane so I could brief three would-be animals on mischief and bad behaviour ahead of the reading… Continue reading

All about being ‘home from home’

Things are steamrollering ahead with ‘The tent that Jon made‘, in promotional terms at least. Following a showing of images from the book (and it’s prologue, Alan and the Animals – see above)… Continue reading

Twas the nightmare afore Xmas…

What a wonderful pre-Christmas present! YorkshireTelly have released the video of Lucy Meredith and Ivor Tymchak reading The Tent that Jon Made in the wonderful surroundings of Temple Works in Leeds – watch… Continue reading