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H.M. Coroners Post

To the side of the ‘city park’ – Bradford’s redemption – is the pre-existing courts complex and police station. The latter emptied to make way for redevelopment and improve the lots of the… Continue reading

Twas the day after Xmas…

Back in December I issued an event call on social media to get photographers out taking new imagery once the immediate excitement of the festive period was over. And so, in Leeds a… Continue reading

Final Resting Place

The finality of death – looking at ageing and fragility from a different angle. Shadows cast on memorial stones in a local graveyard balanced with images of a former home for the elderly… Continue reading

Down at heel (watch your step)

When walking we’re usually looking ahead to the ground; but how much do we really see? After a large rainstorm I wandered my local city. My focus was on the world around our… Continue reading

Upwardly Immobile

Look up. We’re often told to change our viewpoint; this series of images captures the view of the city as the visitor cranes their neck upwards. A look around at what is above,… Continue reading


A non-photography publication! What’s going on? It’s the Loosely Bound first edition, remixed…

24 hours on the coast | february 2012

A quick weekend jaunt to the coast, a walk on the beach and, a few shutter clicks later, my take on the fringe of the sea in Bridlington on Yorkshire’s coast.

Ice Shapes

A frozen canal. Ice ruptured and smashed – then healed. This collection of 16 photographs examines the surface of a frozen canal which has been violently broken and has since re-frozen. Like scars on… Continue reading

Bettakultcha at the Corn Exchange

“Come spend an evening watching PowerPoint presentations. No, really” – in images what the Leeds phenomenon is all about!

Crossing Poland | July 2011

This publication takes you on a journey – in a carriage, on a train – similar to journeys people take every day all over the world. But this particular journey is taken as… Continue reading