Leeds through a lens

First exhibition of the year sees a series of images from 2011 showing breadth to the artist’s home city.

Crossing Poland review

Being new to zine-making I’m learning the fine art of zine-marketing; and I’m starting to get a list of places to send my photo booklets to. One of these was the Tumblr blog,… Continue reading

Upwardly Immobile

Look up. We’re often told to change our viewpoint; this series of images captures the view of the city as the visitor cranes their neck upwards. A look around at what is above,… Continue reading


A non-photography publication! What’s going on? It’s the Loosely Bound first edition, remixed…

On the reading table…

Crossing Poland joins the reading table at a Magnum photographer’s UK premier.

24 hours on the coast | february 2012

A quick weekend jaunt to the coast, a walk on the beach and, a few shutter clicks later, my take on the fringe of the sea in Bridlington on Yorkshire’s coast.

Ice Shapes

A frozen canal. Ice ruptured and smashed – then healed. This collection of 16 photographs examines the surface of a frozen canal which has been violently broken and has since re-frozen.┬áLike scars on… Continue reading


Is lovely – so long as it’s constructive; but it’s even more lovely when someone really gets your work. I recently sent a copy of Crossing Poland to Christophe in France and I… Continue reading

Lublin, Poland

Just to let you all know that a gallery of my images, shot in the city of Lublin are now posted on the Exposure Leeds website; please don’t hesitate to pop over there;… Continue reading

Bettakultcha at the Corn Exchange

“Come spend an evening watching PowerPoint presentations. No, really” – in images what the Leeds phenomenon is all about!